What to do in Patagonia?

At Ailola we are often asked what we suggest students to do in Patagonia. The region is vast and there are literally thousands of hikes and activities we can recommend. Here is a small list of some highlights.

1. Enjoy Patagonia walking

drink Malbec in Buenos Aires Patagonia is a special region to enjoy outdoors activities. El Chaltén is the National Capital of Trekking in Argentina. There are multiple options for walking, climbing or going on expeditions. The landscapes are unique and unforgettable. This small mountain village is located in Santa Cruz Province. Most activities do not require previous hiking experience in the mountains.

2. Have you tried food from Patagonia with fresh and natural products?

Centro cultural kirchner Buenos Aires Sebastian Mazzuchelli is one of the best cooks in Patagonia. He lives in Villa Pehuenia, a natural paradise, located in Neuquén province. Mazzuchelli use natural products to prepare different recipes with a patagonian style. He also organizes every year the Festival del Chef Patagónico.

3. Walk into paradise and sleep in a mountain hut

bares notables in Buenos Aires

El Cajón del azul is a magical place located in Rio Negro province. You can get to the mountain hut after walking for around 4 hours. The landscape, the fresh air, the river is the perfect combination to reset our brains and start again. Patagonia is one of the most visited regions in Argentina.

Sophie Lloyd

Sophie Lloyd

I’m a British freelance writer and personal shopper currently living in Buenos Aires out of a love of Malbec and the Latino lifestyle. I enjoy travel and all things related to design.

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