My marketing internship in Argentina

My internship experience was awesome! It was a pleasure working there and I had a lot of fun learning how to do new tasks. I came to Argentina because my parents are from here and although I already had some knowledge in Spanish I came here to improve it. My search for an internship began here in Buenos Aires. I researched some webpages and got to know Ailola Buenos Aires soon. Their homepage was most attractive to me and I also knew them because some of my friends already had experiences with Ailola.

Photo with long-term Spanish student After visiting the institute I was positively surprised so that in the end I decided to work there permanently. In the first two weeks I got to know the Spanish language and I could see my progress in a relatively short period of time due to the good quality of the Spanish teachers in the institute.

Ailola Buenos Aires Spanish class certificates One day, shortly before the end of my Spanish language course, I informed myself if there is a possibility to continue the language course and work additionally for the rest of my time being in Argentina. Since I build good personal relationships with the people here, I also wanted to get to know the institute more. The job interview went well and after some time I got the positive news that I could indeed do an internship in Buenos Aires and continue my language course at the same time. I began my internship for the next three months in the institute. I learned a lot about marketing and social media, had to do posts about the school and coordinate students and accommodations. I had a great time and I enjoyed working with Ailola. Highly recommendable.

By Roberto Aguilera from Frankfurt, Germany in April 2016

Ailola Buenos Aires

Ailola Buenos Aires

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